CC4U – Know How.

There is a solution for every issue.

Acquisition proceedings

From confidentiality to hand-over.


Asset Management

Permanent and ongoing management and administration of the portfolio.


Business case study

Analysis of feasibility.


Case study

Analysis and consulting of complex agendas.



Internal and external interface management.


Due Diligence

Risk assessment by experts executed with corresponding care.



Assessment of investment, examination of options.



Preparation and evaluation of financing options, negotiations with banks, processing and ongoing management, national and international. 


Marketing and administration

Exactly to the needs of the investor and partner.




The best for each partner.


Project Planning and Development

From the beginning,  the idea will be determined in a structured manner and presented. Combined with the choice of best possible partners and marketing activities up to the exit strategy.


Project Management

Comprehensive management and supervision based on many years of management experience.



From bottom to top.



Analysis, structure, solution.



Identification and structuring of the project.


Transaction Management

Acquisition, Sale, Financing performed in professional manner and every single step being checked and monitored in reference to necessity and cost efficiency.


Transaction Supervision 

No matter which phase of the real estate project, proper know how increases substance and the expected rate of return.


Comprehensive Know How combined with internatonal experience.